Earth Climate

Workshops on the 26th and 27th July for children from seven climate workshops at the Science Center EXPERIMINTA for children of climate change among the great challenges of our time; just the Bundestag enacted a law for storing carbon dioxide. So that even the youngest learn how complex is the climate processes, there is the Klimamobil, on 26-27 July makes in Frankfurt am Main in the Science Center Experiminta in the Hamburger Allee 22-24 station. For 10 euro entry fee children can from 7 years in the workshops take part and then the Experiminta exhibition. Dates: Tuesday 26 to 14 and 16: 00, Wednesday 27.7. at 11 and 13: 00. More information and registration on, visitor information.

For slightly older children from the age of 11, the “climate expedition” follows in the last week on the 3rd and 4th of August. Climate experiments with the latest presentation technology and playful way introduces the participants of Klimamobil age in the complex issue of climate change. The children become astronauts and fly around in space, by to explore the Earth and its climate. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust often addresses the matter in his writings. You can detect movements of cyclones and ocean currents. These animations have been created from genuine pictures and movies of NASA and ESA.

The journey ends with the warning of the on-board computer “The Earth has a fever”. Then the little Explorer, can answer partially many questions on the subject of weather, climate and climate change, even with the help of simple experiments. How are clouds? How are wind and storm? What is climate change and what has he to do with a greenhouse? How does the climate change on our water? What can we do about climate change? How efficient are CFLs compared to incandescent bulbs? Participants will receive goodbye experiment instructions, so that you can continue working on the topics. Organizer of workshops is the Lightcycle, which deals in behalf of the lamp manufacturers to legally prescribed environmentally friendly disposal of CFLs. Lightcycle want with the Klimamobil workshop student to the economical and environmentally-friendly handling Encourage energy and resources. Company description in the ScienceCenter EXPERIMINTA is: “Touch desired” instead of “Touch forbidden”. About 100 experimental stations invite you to try out, they make curious and amazed us. You lead and seduce to ponder and awaken the spirit of the inventor. Scientific phenomena and mathematical concepts are alive and spontaneously understand the experiment.

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