Don Quixote

On the other hand, to approach the text from a scope nearer the interioridad of the individual allows us to deal with the subject about the values and the so present transversality in the new educative proposals. One of our proposals is to understand the Tarot as a universal symbolic system and we find out like symbol the way to express the intuited thing through time. It is as well as in the beginnings of the different cultures and civilizations, we found different proposals symbolic that, finally, they are organized in systems; in fact our sets of letters were primitively ideogramas that represented the way as the community interpreted or explained the universe. But we return to our subject, exists a symbolic system that resorts to hieroglyphics and icons by means of which an analogical message is given; nonlinear nor analytical, but suggestive and globalising; able to stimulate the imagination, the association and the creativity with its message. In this particular case we will be sent to a system that structure like a game, but also as a book of 78 pages or laminae: The Tarot; which, for the present work will serve like means as approach from the symbolic aspects between the student as Average education and the Ingenious Noble to us Don Quixote as La Mancha. The Tarot is a deck; that is to say, " " set of naipes that is used for several juegos" " 2; composed generally of 78 naipes. We will understand like naipe " " Each one of the rectangular fine cardboards, of approximately decimeter of stop and six to seven centimeters in width; that they are covered with a uniform drawing by a face and take painted in the other certain number of objects, one to nine in the Spanish deck, and from one to ten in the French, or one of the three figures corresponding to each one of the four woods of baraja." " 3 Each one of the laminae of the Tarot4 are called arcanos5.

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