Boutique Hotels

After having lived a boom for the growth of tourism, more than 30 boutique hotels opened in recent years, not surrender to the global crisis. After having overcome the worst crisis in the history of argentina, in the year 2001, and due to the favourable thanks to the devaluation of the peso exchange rate, thousands of tourists chose to visit the city of Buenos Aires during 2008, with first rate tourist infrastructure, it opened its doors to millions of eager visitors by meeting her. The Paris of America nor the Queen of the Plata Buenos Aires is Buenos Aires, something very difficult to explain with words. Who ever visited this city only will understand what I am talking about. Buenos Aires is lives, breathes in each of its corners and sensations unique, even in times of crisis. Why the city of fury does not compare to any other. Separate chapter for portenos are a mystery.

111 per 100,000 inhabitants make Buenos Aires city with more psychoanalysts per capita of the World! It will be that we are accustomed to economic swings and constant crises. But whenever we fell, we got up and resurgimos with more force. Can this crisis, that they say will be the worst in the past 100 years, complete with boutique hotels? The answer is NO. Boutique hotels are not a fad, a concept of new accommodation in Argentina, but who came to stay. Of course that they will be affected, having no capital and margin with which large chains have 5 stars. But they run with advantage and should know take advantage and attract new customers.

It is in times of crisis when us becomes too expensive to pay for a room in a conventional luxury hotel, and nothing better to opt for a boutique hotel. Accommodation that offers services and comfort of first-class, personalized attention that makes us feel at home and privacy and tranquility that offers a small hotel with charm. As if all that out little, Luxury Booking is only central reservations online hotel boutique and design hotels that rewards to those who book their hotel through your site. A city free tour with a private guide who will show them and will teach you everything you need to know to know Buenos Aires, and make your trip an unforgettable experience. The capital of the Republic Argentina, birthplace of the tango, Gardel, Evita, Maradona, Borges and Che Guevara. Country of lush contrasts and landscapes, make an ideal destination of Buenos Aires.

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