Ways to harmony between man and dog finally to have – the other dog book by dog guru Dr. Angie Mienk trading. Ways to harmony between dog and man – without commands, without treats without violence. Here the description of the book: gone are the days in which dogs merely as a commodity were considered. The dog today it is not enough to have a working dog, he wants a heartfelt bond of mutual understanding to his housemates. This book shows the way to a non-verbal, almost intuitive way of understanding with the dog. This is the basis for a harmonious and happy Beziehung.Wenn we with our dog to communicate, do we usually verbally, and not infrequently in the command tone: come on!, seat!, space! Foot!, out! and many more are commands which we give to understand him more or less every day, what to do and what he has to leave. But actually we want something completely different: we want a partner, we understand and who understands us and the us as intimately connected feels that he already responds to our most silent signals.

The author shows the way to a non-verbal, almost intuitive way of understanding. Describes how we a harmonious relationship and build on our dog and how an invisible leash to him as Summit of this harmony, which remains stable even at a great distance. With binding test: How strong is our commitment to our dog, how strong is its binding to us? With practical exercises for an intimate, characterized by affection and mutual understanding, connection between man and dog.

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