Bavaria Boards Shafts

Train Mauth-Finsterau/Bodenmais (tvo) with the winners at the start furling in the Bavarian Forest. “Uschi Disl once real” and not only see the screen? Much more is in the Bavarian Forest in winter 2010: fans of celebrity biathlete and followers of exciting sport with the Olympic medal winner together on the round can go on February 21. And not only with her. Also the two cross-country skiing stars Evi Sachenbacher and Tobias Angerer are each a day as a trainer for everyone available. The winter experience of a special kind enables check ski school interested lay people the sport together with its partners of Bodenmais and Mauth-Finsterau, as well as the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association. You can book the main reefs on the Internet at Sportscheck-ski school. There are also gift certificates available. Each limited the number of participants for the training with the stars.

While Uschi Disl and Evi Sachenbacher simultaneously several amateur athletes under their wing, the cross-country skiing with Tobias Angerer is an exclusive experience: at the Pro-camp am March 27, 2010, the two-time overall World Cup winner and multiple Olympic and world championship medal winner of each participant trained individually. He goes to a joint warm-up and a short introduction to the classical technique with his proteges in Mauth-Finsterau in the trail. Then all in a snack, where he not only under the covers of the winter sports chats, but also represents a personal souvenir photo available and each presented a cross-country diploma can enjoy. The participants will get the equipment (skis, boots, Poles). The same program also applies to the cross-country ski day with Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle. “It is her students” on March 28 on the shafts of the boards with ground corn for three to four hours with help and advice and perfect support it receives from other coaches, the athletes tips to the skating “type. How you meet a quiet hand in the black after a power run in the track, says Uschi Disl at the start furling on February 21 at the biathlon Stadium in Bodenmais. After She goes the more active in the sports has introduced and sent to the shooting and cross-country skiing technique, the multiple Olympic champion with them on the round.

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