Auditorio Rocio Jurado

Bye Bye rivers Rock until the end.Miguel Rios says goodbye this is the name of the last grand tour of the granadino Miguel Rios, which aims to go dismissing a public which, generation after generation, has a good handful of years siguendole. A tour that will visit cities like Merida, Zaragoza, Logrono and Valladolid, after spending in 2010 by Granada, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid, A Coruna and Santander, where the audience enjoyed and vibrated with the King of rock and roll in his new career. The Seville concert, last of his tour, will take place on 17 September in the Auditorio Rocio Jurado, in the Isla de la Cartuja, very close to our hotels in Sevilla and will be the singer in all his public farewell..

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