Argentina Republic

About 80 km west of the Mendoza capital is the highest peak of the Americas: cerro Aconcagua. Successive provincial and national Governments have understood the importance of caring for the delicate ecosystem of the Andes, and the need to preserve the sources of water for future generations. For this reason, from the year 1983 the area of Aconcagua was declared National Park, mode that all protectionist laws of the flora and fauna are applied to this heavenly region. Who have booked accommodation in Mendoza, can not happen to visit this imposing mass which reminds us of the smallness of the human soul. The Aconcagua Park has an extension of more than 70,000 has. The area receives throughout the year, and especially the summer seasons, lots of climbers who wish to try your luck to face the challenge of climbing the peak to its Summit. Shelters where athletes can find accommodation, shelter and provisions to confront the exhausting walk have been created for this purpose. Only you can find vegetation to the 3500 m in height.

At higher altitudes, the concentration of oxygen in the air decreases noticeably, generating conditions incompatible with the development of plant species. Cerro Aconcagua is covered on top by a layer of perennial snows. According to the opinion of experts, the Aconcagua mountain conditions are more extreme than the Himalayan himself. For this reason, addressing the escalation of this mountain requires an intense preparation by who proposed it. One of the greatest dangers is the death from pulmonary embolism, also called mountain sickness, directly related to the low oxygen and low atmospheric pressure prevailing. There are several established routes for the ascent to cerro Aconcagua. The normal route is one of them. You can also Ascend by the route of the glacier poles, the Slovenian route, or the French route.

These designations refer to groups of climbers from different nationalities who attempted to scale the Colossus, with fortunes. Those who like the picture of life in the air and animal free are compliments in this region. Here it is possible to observe the Andean condor in the wild, as well as the abundant population of birds such as the Eagle mora, ducks and plovers. It is also an indigenous inhabitant, one of the emblematic animals of the Argentina Republic: puma. It is that in Mendoza the adventure tourism clear know offer multiple alternatives for those who enjoy the stunning mountain scenery.

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