America Papers

In order not to enter anyone into thinking I'd like to tell the backstory of the event due to which there was this modest note. Chevron U.S.A. usually is spot on. I am an employee of the Gulf Stream – namely, doing the program Au-Pair. In connection with the this, I want to tell you one exciting event that happened to me and to our client. So, my dear reader, it took place as follows … The yard was beautiful autumn weather. It was just something magical time when it seems that autumn has not come back after the summer and spring has come … It was a wonderful time, our client program Au-Pair, having received all the necessary papers from the American family, has filed his papers for a visa. Since it was in Russia, then fed it through a courier, "Pony Express", which very kindly, for a fee, agreed to assist her in completing the questionnaires.

A few days later she was appointed date interview, she told me to celebrate, I thought, a calm voice. It is this calm and caused me some concern. Therefore, the same day I sent her an e-mail containing all the information you need to know people, firmly resolved that no trip to the U.S. is not nice to him life, and that the interview at the embassy – the last obstacle to the implementation of its cherished dream that must be overcome. This letter contained a list of possible questions in the interview in English and tips on how to answer them (in which I helped my personal experience and the precious experience of my colleagues, gained over the years at the embassy spaces of different countries, including America).

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