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Cultural Recreation

An amphitheatre is a place of relaxation and cultural recreation. Executed in wall fascione it is formed as a vestibule to concentrate the cross-sectional routes as as much longitudinal, given the adaptability of the fasciones. Throughout the gorge, in the slope, a channel of water-drainage with a section of 1,8 ms, that the scene crosses and leads waters of superficial draining, in rains, until the stairs of the gorge, a fast one in fasciones has been developed that lead until the river. From this concept of fasciones on the environment, a flexible work is had that accompanies the movements by the natural land. The wall fascione stays without breaking and it is conformed to the deformations that impose those argillaceous lands to him. This is the great advantage, we think that if we had not used fasciones and it has used concrete or rubblework, is to wait for that that way we see, deformed launching slips, concrete exaggeratedly divided, cracked. The classroom of this theater or cenotaph is a smoothly stepped brick esplanade, that it finds inside the slope, its main characteristic this dice by a rasgadura in the floor, drawn by the course of the water that comes in slope. A central scene in a level more under the earthwork of fasciones, is divided by the channel to the foot of the wall fascione.

The water channel is protected in its two flanks by two rows of fasciones, this wall fascione contains volumes of stuffed of stone ball, a stone of reboleo within enmeshes of wire that constitutes the fasciones. At the end of the amphitheatre there is a close sector, entrance to the natural environment constituted by native forest. The hydraulic control of the slope based on fasciones The geologic condition of lands, very argillaceous, the hydraulic control of the slope where the wall mounted staggered fascione, is based on the consolidation of the surface, avoiding that this is eroded and in addition it is constituted of such form that drains the internal water of the layers. At heart of the gorge a channel gathers the water of the edges and the total of works and in the highest part, they dren intercepting collaborates in maintaining driest the zone possible. The conformation of the fasciones that in themselves leave to many interstices and the draining positioning of one geomanta filters only aguay avoids that the wall fascione remains without base due to the migration of the ground among stones of the fasciones. Thus the slope is drained and everything stays in its place, maintained by the wall fascione, without there is ground erosion. The amphitheatre and the wall fascione in linear dimension The amphitheatre appears constructing a concentric size, based on the relation of equidistances between the central scene and the spectators, give a space, concentric situation and maintained by the wall fascione, that gives a greater height him it projects and it on the slope. In the park of your town you have amphitheatre? you have seen some amphitheatre of this type? you dress some amphitheatre in problems, quedraduras and deformations?

Summit System

To think on the numbers that the report of the IMF publishes on the state of the global financial system and, its probable derivations if majors are not realised efforts to recover the balance of the system. They escape to the understanding of the majority, between which I include myself. I want to pause in the intentionality of the denunciation publishes carried out and, of which echo became the world-wide press. The first question that arises to me is: to who responds the IMF. According to my to understand, is an international organism created and financed by the Member States, with the purpose of to attend the nations financially that happen through temporary credit needs.

Credits conditional to the application of economic policies are that previously are accepted by their technicians. In this declaration, it indicates the necessity that the States, are the one who must deliver the greater attack to inject but bottoms to the system. And thus, to replace lost of the assets of the credit institutions and the stock markets, with the purpose of to recover the credit that can reactivate the global economic circuit. This desperate called, takes place before the paralysis of the private investors whom, still founded reasons do not see to return to the markets without taking risks, that escape to but the mini guarantees that avoid the repetition of new crises of the system. In the declaration of the IMF, there is no paragraph dedicated to the necessity to conduct battle that they retake what is the ABC of the financial system: the credibility.

Majors only protest bottoms, like that water in a strainer spills, without requiring concrete actions to clearly identify the causes that bring about the crises that have been observed through the years and, the possible solutions to avoid them in the future. Declarations of the IMF like the published ones, do not contribute anything constructive with these aims and, they only serve to seed major uncertainty to markets still hypersensitized. It knows it to the IMF, is for this reason, that its true intentionality is not explained. Still more, it is logical to think that before becoming you publish, the Member States must have received some to circulate with the conclusions of the study carried out. He is lamentable, that the people in charge to conduct intelligent battles to channel the global system economic, still do not find past the threshold of rimbombantes events like the Second World-wide Summit, without to have orchestrated a diffusion mechanism publishes constant, with the positive news that they serve to reconstruct the base of the system.


Although to the majority of Spaniards, democrats and rationals, they do not make lack argumentations in defense of the laicism, apparently, are a few intolerant ones that need that it remembers to them that the laicism is not antireligious, does not attack anybody but, on the contrary, defends the respect to the freedom of thought and of brings back to consciousness (without which, on the other hand, we would not be in democracy). I have always defended that the best way to assure intellectual independence is the search of information and the development of the critic and analysis capacity. And every day I report more than the ignorance is the best broth of culture for the injustice and the fanaticism. And the fanaticism is most uneven of the human servitudes, as well as, perhaps, the base on which the miseries of the humanity are sustained most of (wars, dictatorships, genocides, repressions, operation, hunger). In order to affirm something like certain, it is necessary it to have experimented or, at least, contrasted.

In the same way, to believe something, it comes from where it comes, has previously that to analyze it and to verify it with the reality. Without these simple premises science would not exist, nor the humanity would have evolved towards the rationality and, really, we would be still in Paleolithic Superior hunting mamuths, rubbing two woods to fire, and painting rays in the caves with pardon of the archaeologists. Jokes separate, this reflection comes to story than it seems, lately, a campaign against the laicism or, which is the same, against the human rights, the liberties and the democracy. And, speaking of Paleolithic, before certain sectors partner-monks and politicians (the bishops and the present off-center right), in Spain the laicism has very bad fame, which is not strange because from his media tribunes it is spoken very badly of him. It says that the lay ones are little less than herejes, blasphemous, or that is remote of God, which they are enemy of the believers, who are immoral, that attack the democracy and thousands and one barbarisms of this enjundia.

Author Jails

The fact is that the jails have multiplied their population of exponential way without return in the tranquillity of the citizens. Good part of the North American jails, in many of the States, they initiated a privatization way that has been growing until the point to turn them into the companies that better quote receive in stock-market of New York. The Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) or the Wackenhut, the two companies that act of ship standard invoices colossal amounts. All is based on the criteria of the modern company: low costs, good management and efficient production. To this it contributes decisively that they have to his disposition force of work to a lowest price. As well, the prisoners as user-clients allow, to the being a very great volume of population, that the business is excellent in absolute terms. He has something to see the increase of the inmates with the increasing bonanza of this industry from his birth in the Eighties? In good enterprise logic we would say that yes: if there is a business niche it is necessary to look for clients. However, when we spoke of a State with a cuasisagrada constitution and a system of justice that boasts of being the best one of the world, we must clarify much the affirmation and follow investigating.

But the doubt persists and a similar controversy does not benefit to a legal ordering in which all the countries are watched. It is necessary to consider, in addition, that the penal code of the different States, and the federal, has entered a scaling of hardening without precedents. Against the crime, the unique answer has been the hard hand with ferocious measures like imprisonment to perpetuity after three recidivisms in certain crimes. If all this rigor had served to show the world a safe face, more people we could understand this route. But it is not thus, the injustice suspicions and of demagoguery they are very solid. On the other hand, in these days there are more black in the jails that in the University and in many States more money in the prisons is spent that in the schools. The United States, their citizens, their politicians, their judges will have to locate the problem in provided terms of justice. Meanwhile, we must put formulas at issue that, although they are successful enterprise, do not have provided visible social benefits to the citizenship.

Dog Training

Sports for dogs of all the races To participate in the sport is not only for the human beings. Also very it is wanted by our better friend, the dog. Here it is a list of the sports for dogs where it wants that his participates. Sports for Dogs To participate in the sport is not only for the human beings. Also very it is wanted by our better friend, the dog. Here it is a list of the sports for dogs where it wants that his participates.

Greater Information on dogs here Agility This is when a dog moves through a race of obstacles, that is to say, the contact obstacles, tunnels, jump, etc, guided by its trainer. What the dog controls is only the voice of its controller and the corporal language. Without a strap, the obedience training is the main requirement for a dog that wants to enjoy this sport. Speed and precision are the names of this game. Karting Great races usually participate in this sport. It consists basically of which the dog must throw of a cord it holds to a car of provisions like firewood or others.

Also it is known like mushing, the dry Earth and the conduction sulky, enough is known and practiced anywhere in the world. Frisbee Dog Commonly known the disc the dog, the competition of frisbee is a dog and a human discus thrower that compete in events such as a choreography of free style of capture and the distance that it crosses. The division of events of this type of sport depends on the ability of the manipulator and the experience. What this one does of the sports for dogs more popular is than any type of dog can participate. Flyball This sport consists of which the equipment of race dogs faces against the other leaving their controllers. These equipment must surpass four obstacles that are placed to 3 meters of distance one of the other. Then, they must arrive at a picture that will send a tennis ball that must be captured when the means in the platform are pressed. Then, they must return to his respective controllers when it returns the ball. Scootering It is it deports where one or more dogs throw of scooter without motor in which a human being this to horse. He is similar to another sport that becomes in the winter known like mushing, to scooter only implies less dogs and instead of a sleigh of dogs used in mushing, it is used to scooter. Sheepdog of First Instance Also known like ” The judgment of perro” , this he is one of the sports for more competitive dogs in the one than the races move around a field, inner doors, fences or enclosures according to the indications of their trainers to join the flock of ewes like el pasturing. It thinks about ” Babe” , the film about a pig. This is more popular in the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, EE.UU., agricultural New Zealand, Australia and other countries.

Managing Projects

Approach in results. What you want to obtain of this project? Which is the reason by which you want to undertake it? What motivates to you of him? What internal necessity yours satisfies? How would be a success the project? Well defined Ten which are the results that you want to reach, and tenlo in writing. To count on a finished good definition will allow you: Motivarte: When maintaining the image than you want to realise present in your daily activities, will be easier to have energy, since that image is something attractive for you. All project requires to cross different phases before obtaining the concretion of the objective, often, are those tasks those that crush to us and we lose the north when becoming bored. That happens because the approach concentrates on the tasks and not on the results, if the task is aligned with a result that excites to us, the motivation activates. The secret is to stay focused in the result. Discernir what supports or to you approaches you your goal and what limits to you or it distances to you of this one. Effective work can to be transformed simply to ask itself: this activity, it supports to me to obtain what I want? it is aligned and so I want to produce? it approaches me the profit? It checks what things that beams are not aligned with your intention, and look for to delegate them, to give them by complete or renegotiating them, so that they do not distract your approach nor they consume your time.

Acceder to more information and solutions: When using the ascending reticular system (a small apparatus in our brain). This one has the function to classify and to filter information of our reality to make it accessible to our mind. To activate this one filter aligned with your intention will allow you to extend your perception to find what you need. .