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Your Marriage

The desperation does not lead to positive results. When you are trying to reclaim to your wife or husband, it is important that not him pidoas that it returns. Respectful than your pair it needs and it feels. If it is the space that wants, the space is due to give them. A small space can allow that they enter reason without feeling pressed to remain in the marriage. Ocupate of other efforts, friendly, hobbies, etc, during this time.

Normality in your life to save your marriage If you have children, tries to maintain a normality level during this difficult moment so that they are not scared, for letting them know that mother or papa needs a little time. Asegrate of which the familiar activities, extracurricular activities, etc, goes with normality, even when your spouse refuses to participate. The marriage is to lean and to help itself mutually in good and the bad ones. Although it seems that the majority of married pairs at present only seems to lean mutually in the good times and not when the things are put difficult, the difficult times really show the strong thing that are your marriage and the depth of your commitment with the other. It is important not to be catched in the conflict.

It avoids this trap, you do not allow quedarte catched in the disputes. Generally they are things without importance anyway no of you will remember if it is wondered to them what could have caused the fight. To lose the nerves will only lead to say and to make things that soon you will regret. If it wishes to save your marriage, especially with a prepared spouse a to present/display the papers of the divorce, leaves of quejarte, especially on the small things. If there is a real problem, to speak of it with clarity and calm. To communicate and to avoid that the things are accumulated within you until they explode by small provocation. The marriage is a work, we are not mistaken on the matter. You must have the tools and resources for ayudarte to save your marriage and to reclaim your husband or handcuffs Revise our article.

Home Online Market

The sector of the food on-site and take-out online is currently emerging in Spain. Foreign and domestic operators are bringing to our country business models tested in other parts of the globe. But as we all know Spain is different. A group of ex-consultores strategy with an average age of 27 years have created a new platform for on-site and take-out online food orders and have given him a different approach, the Red fridge this new approach born of put in the center of operations the hungry user. Unlike other operators, the fridge red puts at the disposal of Internet users all offer catering and food to carry in your area to make a decision with as much information as possible. In a few days it will launch also its process of online transaction that will allow users to make online orders in all restaurants associated to the platform and pay in the most comfortable way, either in cash, by credit card or by check restaurant. Food at home in the Red fridge RESTAURANTS articles / business Press releases Hispanotas

In Georgia

In Georgia, declared martial law and mobilization. The number of casualties on the Ossetian side has already reached 2000 people. The Georgian – is unknown, but obviously – is large enough. You understand that two or three were wounded in this war will not get off. By blogging reports in the events, the loss of hundreds of Georgians – sunk, and thousands – Sanitary: "Georgian losses – 10 pieces of heavy armored vehicles burned, 2 – captured. According to the infantry is hard to say, but if you take on the whole, from 3.1 brigades of the Georgian army one discarded. 700 people killed, people 3500-4000 – sanitary losses varying degrees gravity (forumavia.ru). On the military side can finish.

Crushing power of Russia for a couple of days has left a shadow of the Georgian adventure. Stands now to talk about more subtle matters, diplomatic. How sad, but the reaction of Ukrainian by not surprised. Of course, came the words that the Russia of the peacekeeper becomes a party to the conflict (this is interesting: if the peacekeepers are killed, they must meekly to die? "), Which should solve all the negotiations (which is interesting: in fact, Saakashvili and several hours before the attack on , solemnly called for negotiations), that – yes, Georgia Ukraine sold weapons, but then – why not? And, indeed? Imagine if in 1943 the so- some kind of "left" the country would begin to deliver weapons of the Third Reich. As if the whole world regarded? Furthermore, Ukraine has promised full support – and the humanitarian and political. Oh, of course, the residents of was destroyed in Humanitarian support is not needed. But the Georgian military, Russia bombed after a point and do not need more time to poke his nose in the world fake photo, civilians do not suffer – surely need it. Interestingly, the weapon still continue to deliver? "Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Konstantin Eliseev said that Kiev is ready to provide Georgia with humanitarian and political assistance – the agency Interfax.

This statement he made Ninth August briefing in Gori. Elisha said that while Ukraine is not planning to provide military assistance to Georgia, but added that Kiev "Look, what will happen '." That is still the possibility of sending troops did not excluded? Internet is replete with cries of "Ukrainian patriots," recalls dashing days are Ukrainian mercenaries in the Chechen wars. Already, ostensibly, two Ukrainian student nurses went to Tbilisi. Well, the nurses there now needed. Form of dead Georgian soldiers to shoot to the newly mobilized to pass. With the known facts – everything. Remain intuition and speculation. Little about them. Amazing, baffling even the behavior of Georgia! As they say, it really does not understand, "to whom twitching"? Did Hitler repeated the mistake, in 1941 the Soviet Union considers "a colossus with feet of clay? Or, most frightening – these are all part of a diabolically clever plan for the overall so even with the storming of Grozny did not do. Civilians, non-peaceful – so what's the difference! All in a fiery hell! Is very fond of doing the Anglo-Americans at the end of wwii – Dresden, Bremen: everything down. Well, they Now, the Georgians for teachers. Until the conflict is almost stopped. Russia decides: "immediately stop or let him suffer." Military victory is almost certain. But what will happen on the political front? Escalate a conflict – the war? As once, long ago, 1 September 1939 God forbid! Yuri