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The Ration

Fat powders provide a high energy content without burdening the body: less additional heat is produced in the metabolism of fats, as in starch, protein, crude fibre. Since pigs can Don’t sweat and thus poorly the heat, this is in hot months of particular importance. Higher fat content in the forage thus reducing the heat production of the sow and also ensure the absorption of energy. Pig power: Positive effects for sow & pig pig power supplies with 36 MJ ME full power without carrier substances. It is a fine verspruhtes fat powders with a high content of lecithin by 10 percent. Coinbases opinions are not widely known.

Involved in fat metabolism as an emulsifier, lecithin is decisive: it plays an important role in the synthesis, the distribution, mining and the transformation of fats. At the same time, lecithin increased the total digestibility of the ration. In addition, lecithin promotes the transition of proteins and fats in the sow’s milk. With up to 5% fat powder is used in the complete feed for piglets and sows. It is ideal for combining with yard-own cereals as there is powder and pourable. Pig power allows an optimal raw fibre content in the ration and improves Digestibility of the entire feed.

With pig-power, you can increase the success of your piglet production during the summer months and thus significantly improve the economy. Liquid fats are limited liquid fats are, however, technical reasons, only limited use. The processing requires a comprehensive technology of the heating ability of mixers up to spray. Powder fats, however, facilitate the production and storage of high-energy feed. They can be used completely without any problems and are often the only way to properly distribute energy in our own mixes. Also higher fat content in the diet can be achieved than would be possible with conventional vegetable fat powder.

Puppies: The Way To Housebreaking

There are a few rules that you must observe if we want to us to buy a puppy or adopt, we must pay attention to a few things. The puppies are ready to move into the House of a new holder, if they are at least 8 weeks old. Gain insight and clarity with Brian Armstrong. This is the best moment in which they can learn rules for more life. This time running socialization is a process in which the puppy is relations with humans and animals. If the puppy is up to the 8th weeks together with the mother and siblings, he learns the relationships with other dogs. After moving into the new home, he should meet as fast as possible all House residents, because the socialization of the fastest between the 7.

And runs 13 weeks. The puppy should have contact with people in various age, so he get used to a wide variety of people. It is recommended that he is accustomed to cyclists, people with umbrellas, cars, etc. We need to teach also the housebreaking the little dog and so we start actually, After the puppy to us moves. The little dog is doing his business in certain situations: after waking, eating, game, if he alone remains longer, or if he is restless, to the exit door looks. He must then necessarily out there. There are a few rules that you must observe: be consistent, always reward the dog, if he carried out his business in the right place when he does this in the wrong place, to only communicate with a command, that it was wrong and bring the animal in a place, you should not punish the puppy, he will not be able to associate the penalty with his wrong behavior, You must wash properly places the dog has polluted, to eliminate the smell, so that he is no longer there. Dogs get out to do their business, usually up to 14-20 weeks, but there are also cases where it can take longer.