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The T.O.C. allows you to focus on solutions to the critical problems of enterprises (regardless of its size or rotation), to bring these to your goal through a process of continuous improvement. The Socratic method took as the basis for its development. The TOC includes a set of knowledge, principles, tools and applications that simplify the management of systems, using pure logic or common sense. The T.O.C. is the practical result of the work of Eli Goldratt on thinking how to think. Result of the processes of thought the Thinking Processes and their applications. The TOC is a philosophy that says that: By knowing how to think, we can better understand the world around us; by better understanding we can improve.

Using of know how to think, we can understand better the world in our around; and through this understanding can be improved. The theory of constraints is the application of the scientific method to human nature organizations, this seeks to continually generate more than the goal of a system. A TOC IMPLEMENTATIONS results study academic independent of 80 cases of TOC implementations around the world leave the following results: delivery time: a reduction of 69% fulfillment of deliveries: 60% improvement inventory levels: reduction of 50% income: increase of 68% source: The World of Theory of Constraints, Vicky Mabin & Steven Balderstone, St. Lucie Press, 2000. The obvious question to observe these surprising results is: how is it possible to achieve them? The starting point of TOC: look at the two systems and respond: which of the two systems is more complex? System A or B system? System A system B should not surprise us that system B seem more complex, for the majority of people has more information, interdependencies that one should consider. SYSTEMS complexes while more data will have to contribute to describe the system, the system will be more complex.

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