Portuguese Language

This because, although passed centuries, in way to as much fight to survive, this category continues resisting, same with relative acceptance for the recognition of the mixture resultant of the miscegenation, but still lost in the invisibilidade for the optics of the remainder of the colonizador. Considering of the historical and social construction of the communities the historiogrfica theory and the practical one, it is emphasized, in undeniable chapter seventh a Portuguese contribution that, of some form justifies the permanence of the descendants of Portuguese and So Paulo, mining, bahian, paraibanos bandeirantes and cearences in the region, as well as of other regions of Brazil. Beyond the marks of its entrances in the interior also the result of this action of the sertanistas in caatinga of Pernambuco, contribuiram for a uniformity of the agropastoris customs, the catoliscismo and the reach of the Portuguese lingustica variant more marcadamente in Parnamirim. It is seen, therefore, the concern of the people in fulfilling with its social responsibility, participating of the rescue of history constructing its identity, interested in discovering its roots, construndo one to know for the new generations. Valley to always stand out that all the interviewed ones, chosen common people randomly, had not been refused to answer no question, extending the fan of information, exactly that the majority still intends ' ' to be portugus' ' instead of ' ' to be brasileiro' ' , few recognize descendants of aboriginals and none of the interviewed ones if it presented as remaining of black, exactly that the medium brown color of some discloses its ancestry.

Finally, one reveals, in it I finish chapter, the main data that base a history of relations between families of colonists, the majority of Portuguese origin with common objectives, presenting a roll of bandeirantes and sertanistas that had entered north-eastern, had formed farms and cities, leaving inheriting and descending in the hinterland and, in consequncia, forming a mixture that characterizes a miscigenada culture. In synthesis, it is concluded with the impressions of the author on the administration Portuguese in Brazil, the families, the cities of the hinterland, the agro-pastoral culture and the implantation in the colony of the more important strategical plan that Portugal already carried through during its monarchic domain: the organization of the groups, the distribution of blazons and the control since the exit of the participants of this Saga in the ships until the arrival in unknown ports. Although, of form in such a way cruel one, discriminating groups ethnic and imposing its values, but fulfilling its mission, with the rules of its time, consolidating the unification of the Portuguese Language, installing its faith in each place of stopped and defending the government form that conceives as adequate for the people. In this way, the writing of this book becomes excellent as homage the pioneers who had had the courage to face the challenges of caatinga, aiming at improvement of life conditions, to any cost, proving its historical importance of the formation of the City of Parnamirim for the Hinterland of Pernambuco.

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