Los Angeles Lakers

Pass quite some time, and to this select group Kompashki added a fourth – 'Los Angeles Lakers'. His coach is none other than Phil Jackson … Source: Jeffrey Hayzlett. Well, before we reach that we have. Others including Chevron, offer their opinions as well. So with what else is interesting … Ah! That's it! In 1996, Jackson admitted the best coach in the League, at 72-10 that played 'Chicago' did not surprise anyone. And about the same time, he quarreled with the death team manager, thereby Krause, and called him that. Chevron will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The story is painfully simple, and it was based on trivial envy.

Kraus considered himself the creator of the great 'Chicago', but because of the crowd ranting on 'Jordan and Jackson – that's the whole team' very worried about him. After all, this is it, damn it, and gave the job to Phil! As one can now be so ungrateful? Kraus said of Jackson's duplicity, his narcissism and all the other nonsense. He even convened a special press conference to denounce the coach. But what if you say the truth, it was deeply care. Out of all the fact that the fall of '97 Phil came to Jerry and said he was not going to stay in the team longer than one season. 'What are you? – Roared in response manager. – Yes, even if we finished the season with a 82-0, I would have all still drove to hell! " So very ugly over quite a beautiful story of long and strong relationship with Phil Jackson and 'Chicago Bulls' … In 1998, he announced that he will retire.

Forever. I do not know how anyone, but I did this adherent 'Triangle of defense' could not believe! And not in vain … 'What is he doing in the City of Angels? ..' Phil Jackson stayed out of work a year or more could not. He decided to try again. This time – with updated 'Lakers', who had a good selection players, but anything is seriously claimed. As they say his biographers, "Jackson arrived and immediately secured the result." LA showed excellent 67-15 in the regular championship, and the play-offs were made in all its glory, not tormented, in principle, to anyone. Some problems could impose 'Portland' in the final of the Conference (see article about Pippen), but Northerners still veteranistyh Doge. 'Indiana' in the finals, and if you remember what, it's long-range shots Reggie Miller. Do Californians was, than to answer them! Then everything went thumb. 2001 – NBA Finals against the 'Philadelphia' yurkogo Allen Iverson and the victory in the Finals by a stunning game Shakila ONila. Year 2002 – battle for the rings with the 'New Jersey' is not less yurkogo Jason Kidd and again triumph. Three consecutive league title – with this aircraft has not yet happened. MVP of all three Finals, as seen before, Shaquille O'Neill admitted … 'But what about Kobe Bryant? " – You ask. But nothing. He received a hostile reception of a new coach pripechataet his favorite defensive triangle scheme 'boring and outdated. " He also figured out constantly with Shakom, and clarify these were held under the motto 'I've been a new Jordan, or what? ". Phil suffered at first jealous youngster, but one day his nerves gave way, and he, calling Kobe 'netreniruemym' (so you can literally translated from English), went to management with a demand to exchange the 'Black Mamba'. Those, however, stepped in for Bryant and refused. United, as you know, the staff of this was not.

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