Importance Of Awakening

Carlos Mora Vanegas "Modern man lives in sleep. Born in the dream. What can you tell a man who sleeps? If you think about it, while recalling that sleep is the main feature of our being, will soon be obvious, that if man wants to know, should reflect primarily on ways to wake up. " Gurdjieff As we become aware of the opportunity given to us in demonstrations of how perishable, a we realize the importance not only to be awake and able to seize the time it has given us, but be careful and get into our inner self, find out everything that will lead us to take action to help us grow and take full advantage of the opportunity to know. There are many lessons in life that help us Gurdjieff bequeathed to stop being interested in robots, to discover their own potential and knowing how to use Wolczuc Cristina reminds us that speak of man, Gurdjieff says: "A man can be a man, he stressed this word, even working with machines.

There is another kind of mechanization far more dangerous: a machine to be yourself. " Once aa asked Gurdjieff, who thought of psychology, said: – "Before we talk about psychology, we must understand clearly that this science is and what is not. The real object of psychology is people, men, human beings. Visit Rod Brooks for more clarity on the issue. What psychology emphasized the word can be when it is not only machines? For the study of machinery that is needed is the mechanics and psychology.

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