The emotion that feels when contract for the first time a service of Hosting usually dims our judgment. At the outset so many plans for the new page are had that hardly thinks about something more than its necessary structure, groups and other elements for its construction; obtaining that as important subjects as the security are placed secondly of importance. Then, over the years and some bad experiences, we noticed ourselves of the committed error, but already it is too much behind schedule: the information that as much work has cost to us has lost for always. The frustration that feels is equivalent to which is experienced when an attacker undresses to us of our money in the street, because we have invested money, time, work and yearnings in that cybernetic project that without warning no longer exists like so. Sometimes the technical support of the service of lodging of pages Web can recover the lost data, but in others the loss will be total and permanent.

In order to avoid this misfortune two basic points of prevention are due to consider that the risks and their main consequences fall: 1. It jealously keeps the information from your account. This talks about any type of key user and who the service of provides you to Hosting for the handling of the Control Panel of your blog, commercial page, etc. The majority of the times we provided these data to third people or we left them in view, running the risk of which somebody other people’s one has total access to its configuration without we are found out. 2. Every certain time changes your key of access, preference with alphanumeric characters to optimize the degree of security of the same and the difficulty of being reproduced without your consent. Just by to follow these two points basic we can save many problems, because as says old this more bond to come up than to lament or in this case more bond of doubting of all which to be in trusting end. Original author and source of the article

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