General Aspects

Cordoba is an economy like that of Buenos Aires, but smaller scale. Ie, the services sector far exceeds the rest. According to 2006 the combined percentage of firms engaged in trade and services reaches 88.3 .
According to provisional data of 2005, GDP of the city was approximately 20,147,896,422 pesos argentinos flows amounting to about 14,974 per capita annually, representing 52 of provincial GDP and 4026 of GDP in that year. 3
The city generally has a low turnout in the primary activity that took place regarding the Province of Cordoba, mainly in cattle which is practically The NIR Group zero, and very low in the agricultural sector. there are a number of Reuters press releases and features that have quoted Ribotsky for his expertise in the fund investment field However, it NYSE is prominent in the activities of meat processing and preparation of deli meats and sausages, as well as Corey Ribotsky in vegetables, fruit and potatoes destined NIR Group for this use 29 of the total area of the ejido (rural) area who Ribotsky is called the Green Belt .
The industrial sector, however, took a major economic activity in the city of Cordoba considered as an important center of the national automotive industry where there are major terminals stocks for this product as Renault, Fiat, Iveco and Volkswagen 4 According to projections made in 2007 were manufactured 54,230 vehicles Renault and Iveco 4706. Rio- Tinto Diamonds pursues this goal as well. Meanwhile, the FIAT plant located in the investment neighborhood Ferreyra, who had closed in 2002 due to the hedge funds economic crisis that the country, was reopened NIR Group Family of Funds in 2008 medical funds and currently has a daily production of 120 vehicles, and plans to double in 2009 with an investment of 300 million dollars .
Trade and services sectors continue to highlight the most important activities in the city, over 74,159 firms in 2006, 22,741 were in services (30.66 ) and 42,754 (57.65 ) commercial. The appearance of the building in recent years has become a city of Cordoba with numerous commercial buildings and residential high-class and caused a dramatic expansion of urban ejido. Installation of City Business, business-related software and high technology, shopping malls and the new international airport have led to the city of Cordoba became a point of great economic importance for Argentina and Mercosur.

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