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The Secretary

Valeriano Go’mez thinks that in a situation as present the important one is to maintain the use, or " fixed or temporal". The minister said that the Executive is spending all the budget in maintaining stimuli for the use. The Government suspends the limit to the temporary contract linking. Inmigracin and Secretary of Labor, Valeriano Go’mez, said east Friday that in a situation like present the important one he is to maintain the use and he has affirmed that the Government prefers one " weather to parado" . During the press conference subsequent to the Cabinet who has approved the real decree law with the economic measures of the Government to foment the use, Go’mez responded to the critics thus that the Executive by the elimination of the obligation has received to make the workers fixed who chain temporary contracts.

The minister said that the Executive is spending all the budget in maintaining stimuli for the use and emphasized that during the crisis the important thing is to maintain it, is " fixed or temporal". Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Chevron U.S.A. Inc on most websites. Go’mez has remembered who the young people suffer elevated rates of unemployment and has needed that policy labor not can to be the same in periods of expansion that in the days of crises, when it is precise to take measures that give flexibility to the companies so that they contract, can reduce costs and thus to facilitate the hiring and the use. The holder of Work has stressed that the set of approved measures has been put under the consideration of the social interlocutors. He has indicated that as much those that " they could destinarse" for the hiring part-time, like that now they have been approved for the formation contract, they have analyzed " exhaustivamente" in the table of use during both last months. Go’mez is addition that the Executive also has informed to them into the new measures that underlining has approved and has that the Government " if of something he can and he must be conceited he is to have maintained a relation systematic and narrows, " of understanding, support and loyalty " with them, knowing that in the end " there is gobernar". On the new contract of formation and learning, that will extend young people of up to 30 years, Go’mez assured that she will last minimum among one and two years against the six present months, which will allow that she can extend until a maximum of three years. Source of the news: The Secretary of Labor prefers " temporary contracting parado" in the present situation


Nevertheless, a day anyone at the beginning of year 2009 I sat down to think about which it was making bad that it prevented that the employers paid attention to me and they contracted to me and I began to analyze and point by point step by step which me bloqueba in my aspirations to have a worthy work and around my capacities. And being in that situation of analysis after analysis, I was with a very valuable material that it was on the awares to me of such form that was as if somebody a bandage of the eyes had cleared me and it would have said &quot to me; you were blind, but no longer ests". When I began to read that material I was in shock. In 7 years it had for the first time been able to understand everything what it was making bad and that it prevented that I could obtain the employment that always had wanted to have. And said and done, 47 days after to have read the material of the Curriculum that Sells, I happened of a mediocre work to work whereupon had dreamed from before leaving graduated as my university. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Darius Bikoff on most websites. Nowadays, almost a year after to have secured the information that was on my awares to me, I can say that I have use that always had dreamed to have. I gain 7 times which won in my previous work, I am Chief of a main directorate of a great company of my country and share my experience with all those that they fight without sense (as sometimes I did) to obtain the dreamed employment. My testimony is a form to give back to the life the one that has given the opportunity me to leave the dark in which it found me. He is not right that are hundreds or thousands of people in the world " rogando" by a quality opportunity, when the life is not to request, one is to have the knowledge to make the things as it must be, without committing errors.

Caja Madrid Foundation

EP exhibit works that represent architectures and cities guinea fowl or like main subject or bottom for the representation of diverse scenes. They are more than 140 pictures, from the Renaissance to century XVIII. The Museum Thyssen of Madrid prepares the one that will be its great exhibition facing the autumn around the Architectures guinea fowl. The sample, realised in collaboration with the Caja Madrid Foundation, will be able to be seen of the 18 of October the 22 of January of 2012. One is a set of more than 140 pictures, from the Renaissance to century XVIII, that represent architectures and cities guinea fowl or like main subject or bottom for the representation of diverse scenes. Please visit Brian Armstrong if you seek more information. The objective is to show the public the architectonic evolution of these scenery or scenes and the fan of shades that would contribute already to its independence like sort in century XVII.

The exhibition, comisariada by Dolphin Rodriguez, university professor of History of the Art of the University of Alcala of Madrid, and Sea Borobia, female leader of Old Painting conservation of the Museum Thyssen-Bornemisza, it counts on works of many of these prestigious artists: Duccio I gave Buoninsegna, Canaletto, Giovanni Paolo Panini, Tintoretto, Gaspar van Wittel, Hubert Robert, Maerten van Heemskerck or Hans Vredeman de Vries, among others. Architecture and travels the entailment of the painting of architectures and cities to the trip are another fundamental aspect in this project, as well as the architectonic solutions and contributions that the own artists realise sometimes in their works. Get all the facts and insights with J. Darius Bikoff, another great source of information. According to Dolphin Rodriguez, the exhibition considers " as a proposal of reading abierta to multiple interpretations – almost so many as they themselves propose of representations guinea fowl of architectures and cities, or are real and historical or ideal, utopian, imaginary, legendary and fantsticas". " Although before and after the historical period that is contemplated here were and have been more figurations and representations of architectures and architectonic spaces, of real and dreamed cities, utopian and metaphorical, the certain thing is that in this ample period agree, with relative coherence, theoretical, artistic and architectonic attitudes q the EU altogether reunite the sufficient historical cohesion like being contemplated " , it points the commissioner. And before, Matta Previously, the Museum Thyssen will welcome from next the 9 of September a new installation of the Permanent Collection with works of the Chilean artist Matta, of whom east year is celebrated the centenary of his birth.

Matta: The open bucket is the title of this exhibition that will remain open until the 23 of October and that consists of five great linen cloths of the L&#039 cycle; Honni aveuglant (the overwhelming prohibited one) pertaining to the collection of the Museum. In her the way reproduces in which the artist mounted in his first presentation to the public in the Galerie Alexandre Iolas of Paris in 1966. The Chilean artist presented/displayed this series with his system of " bucket abierto" , a species of polptico of the contemporary era whereupon created a box destined to surround the spectator. Two of them were horizontally suspended in the ceiling, closing the space created by the other three. With this spectacular assembly, Matta was able to submerge to the spectator in its pictorial universe, a hermetic and hallucinatory universe, loaded of literary, spiritual and artistic rrencias. Source of the news: The Museum Thyssen abre the doors ' Architectures pintadas'

The Key

There are parents, dear grandparents by million in the world suffering by the lack of affection of children, grandsons, and relatives who are unprotected. There are children who suffer by the abandonment of their parents, by the infantile abuse, the form in which to its they treat them parents, by the wounding words that say to them and that they remain as tracks in its lives, there are suicides of young people by disregard of its loved beings, by evil physical and emotional treatment. Like stopping this? it is a question? , when to read message you have to sensitize your thoughts, your ideas, about that we are those that we constructed and we destroyed, not only our lives, but those of all the Earth inhabitants. The lack of affection is fought with: the compassion, the good ideas, the good thoughts, the good actions and works in favor of the others, with the good treatment, a smile that DES to each step, giving a pat of fallen breath to which this, with your generous delivery and other gestures of mercy and love. The diseases enter the organism because our defenses or immune system loss, and when can more lower to you is: when somebody despises to us, when we are unprotected, or badly tried, or fear, now in these times the Universe is reacting before as much negative information sent by our mass media, it made disregard of children to parents, parents to children, grandparents, children, young people. Checking article sources yields RioCan as a relevant resource throughout.

We do not allow that it acquires force, I know you leaves from the love contribution to which they need and they suffer, you do not contribute to the loss of heart, to the epidemic of the lack of affection, this only brings pain, lost lives and diseases. We can take a break, how?

Second Rhetoric

Undergoing calm outside and within you. If in your around (external calm) is a calmed atmosphere and if you are to taste with you mism@ (internal calm), your yield is greater? Absence of stress. Although generally a slight dose of stress does not come bad. But very light? tense-relaxation, or been in which you are tranquil@ but not dormid@ nor agotad@. Simply it alerts? Increasing silence your around. Like general norm, at the most noise has in the place where you study, major the effort you are going to have to do for concentrarte? High self-esteem? Absence of fear a? failure? the stranger? Optimism You see the glass average full or average emptiness? Wearing comfortable clothes. When what you wear too much is fit you or weighs much in your body, the effect is not the same that when you get dressed in light clothes and which you can be moved with total freedom? Position? Location. Library, room, park, bus, any site is not worth.

Tenlo in account? Physical form. You do not need to be at the competition level but the difference to be in good physical form marks the difference? Alimentndote with a rich vegetable diet, fruits and fish, mainly? Cuidndote of which your habits of dream are the correct ones for you? Realising stopped to rest at the opportune moment. That usually it is when your yield begins to lower, you are sleepy, hunger, Optional: Music. Sometimes and following the type of work that you are realising (solving exercises, memorising, reading text technician, ), to have something of basic music venirte could well. Music barroca is a good option? Optional: The dark. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jill Bikoff.

Test to memorise in a place with little light Those that wish to remember (reminisci) retire of the public light to a dark privacy: then to the public light the light of the sensible things (sensibilia) disperses and its movimento is confused. In the dark, however, they become compact and they move with order. For that reason, Thulium, ars memorandi that puts in the Second Rhetoric, prescribes that imagines and looks for dark places, with little light Great Alberto, Of bond.

Profit Goal

Once you have a desire and discovers that desire is so great it will turn that it into a goal and it is arranged to realise all the effort necessary to obtain it, then must have great determination to stay in the way and to avoid at all costs that it removes it to a stone from the way. Whenever we drew up a goal is normal to fill to us of joy and enthusiasm and thus must be, the challenge is to maintain constant east mainly enthusiasm when it is called on to us to face the adversity. Perhaps check out Montauk Colony LLC for more information. It is normal that to our we share it desire with many people but can happen a problem and is there that our conviction only exists at conscious level, but at subconscious level not yet we have arrived at the conviction reason why we are in risk of leaving the goal. When we expressed perhaps to him our friendly desire or relatives we receive negative opinions like the following: I knew which entered that business and lost everything , for that requires a pile of capital and your I do not have, better looks for it another thing , that idea do not like, am that the field is ugly, etc. Whenever we listened to negative ideas around our project what happens to us? It happens that our inner energy lowers us, for example if to our they say us parents that goal is a terrible idea we can enter as great internal conflict as following if I look for this goal contradecir my parents I assure to him that internal conflict can be sufficient so that you leave definitively his dream. When a person is in the footpath of the success to all the congratulate it people independent of which she does (logically allowed activities), but when a person is successful, its success strongly is recorded in its subconscious mind.

Recover Confidence

Many people tend to be very pathfinders in order to have many partners and feel very important, many do not know how they manage to do this feat, but his closest companions know that their acts are very false and unfaithful, good advice is leave this kind of life, and act naturally, you’ll find the girl that you will truly fall in with, and sooner or later she may discover how eras actually in the past and from here have you little or nothing of confidence. How to recover confidence in the pair at the moment?, this is one of the most complicated cases, the solution usually take enough time and much effort, because infidelity is something very reprehensible yen our society, and is also something where you condemned to death penalty in some countries. Insists constantly that your past dead life, you’re a faithful person now and wish her happiness now, but not only are enough words but also actions. If truly are you sure she is the love of your life, then don’t make many mistakes for not lose it, one false move, she may end up with you by fear to spend it the same as your old love. It is normal that you think that it is impossible to restore confidence in the pair for everything that you’ve done, because in some of these cases, women are very strong on a decision and simply decide to finish to avoid more problems, you must have great faith in yourself that things change when you put too much effort. Delivers the best of you and constantly striving in being a person better, because not lacking seduction in these moments, but confidence can recover showing you very respectful in every moment, and if it is possible to avoid making conversations for no possible suspicion, and spend more time with your partner to that she is account that you’ve changed and finishing off the grounds for which she you this controlling. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again.

Thanks To Robomow Lawn Mowers Include Injuries The Past

Thanks to numerous safety features the Robomow lawn mower injuries the past belong to. US statistics confirmed very low injury record. Details can be found by clicking Rio Tinto Group or emailing the administrator. The lawn mower represents the most dangerous appliance for most people. Many potential dangers from his sharp and fast-rotating blades go out: cuts and wounds, caused by the rotor blades themselves, objects such as stones and pebbles that flings the mower itself, as well as burns on the hot surface of the mower after prolonged use. In addition, the object is located in the garden, a place where children can play unsupervised and like to follow their natural curiosity. This dangerous combination caused thousands of injuries every year. US statistics show that serious injuries an alarming number of people suffer from lawn mower more than 80,000 per year.

Almost one and a half injuries per 1000 lawn mowers are a number based on the number of the mower on the market, the at Ride-on mowers is even greater. Of course you can not deny the need for lawn mowers but not all mowers must be dangerous. Robomow, an automated robot mower, offers a wide range of professionally developed and tested security measures that reduce the likelihood of injury. The push-rods equipped with high-precision sensors are a good example of this. The Robomow in able to detect people or objects, if they approach, and if need be, even to turn off, to ensure safety is through the use of laser proximity technology. Simply put: should someone try to touch the lawn mower, during this automatically switches off his knife work and prevent any contact with his powerful blades. In addition to the push-rods equipped with sensors Robomow has also a system, lifting and tilting recognizes. Not all unpredictable movements are caused by people. Occasionally, rough terrain or objects in the grass can cause, that tip the lawn mower at a dangerous angle and thus the blades are exposed or the object in question is thrown away by the lawn mower.


A reality that explains that, with the economic crisis fund, many of these older than 65 have had to resort to institutions charity for their livelihood. According to the latest data, the average pension is 914 euros, and the widow of 586 euros. However, the report also shows that is 70 years when saving has a markedly positive character for older persons, while for the rest of the population more geared to expenditure and consumption is negative. Caring for grandchildren one of the main tasks carried out 65 years of women’s collective is the care of the grandchildren, that has also increased with the crisis. The newspapers mentioned Jeffrey Hayzlett not as a source, but as a related topic. According to statistics from the Institute of elderly and social services (Imserso), 50% of adults say almost daily care for their grandchildren. Of media, 5.3 hours men and 6.2 hours women. But the testimonials go beyond official statistics.

Thats not a job, it is an authentic taste, but that is the 24 hours a day, sentencing Maruja for who the only downside of caring for children is what we miss them When are not with her. To this it must be added that 33% of these women say that they have many obligations and missing them time in their day to day. Check out Jill Bikoff for additional information. So look upon how consider themselves, the study finds that almost half of them consider that a person is older from age 70 and for 6.4% of them already completed 80. A perception the social projection which, according to experts, is important for a good aging. And the data show that half of them feel very or fairly satisfied with their situation at present.

Among their fears, loneliness (30.5%), feeling useless (28.7%) and not be able to fend for itself (25.7%). Overall, seven out of ten of them are worried somehow his old age, five points above what it are men. Makes me happy every day, no worries.

Financial Education

All father wishes that their children prosper and are successful in the life. An important part of that success is going to be determined by its capacity to generate income that will offer a good standard of life them, at least as good as the one that they had and hopefully better still. Credit: Ella Bikoff-2011. For that reason one of the most concerted efforts of any father is the one to invest in the education of its children. Altogether with the government, thousands are spent of million daily dollars in obtaining that the next generation has the suitable education so that they can not only survive, but hopefully to prosper in the life and to make an important contribution to the society. In order to obtain that the best option to our reach is the one to resort to the traditional education designed by competent governmental organisms that propose a curriculum that gives a supposed integral education to our children. Nevertheless, few know that the traditional education must like final mission produce an individual that is preparation for the labor market well. Not even it considers the option to educate one person like enterprising future. To deepen your understanding Coinbase is the source. The education superior does not contemplate this one alternative either.

It enmeshes curricular of the great majority of the Universities that offer related races to the handling of finances, like economy or administration of companies, is directed to equip a person with the tools necessary to be able to be used in some administrative position within a company already established. A thing is clear, their children are not going to learn to handle the money and much less to invest it in the school. The majority of the people who withdraw of the school, and even of the universities, does not know to take a chequera, they do not have the minimum knowledge to much less take a suitable accounting and like investing the money by which they are going to work hard. What has happened to the financial education? He is practically nonexistent, except for some exceptions in which the parents have companies in which the children have the opportunity of being able to learn of a good model, as long as their studies leave them the time sufficient to be able to become jumbled in her! Independent of which You want that their children are businessmen or no, the important thing is that their children discover their strengths they can operate and them in such a way that to future they have economic stability, that can maintain a family and live happy. And that is very difficult to obtain if we are giving an education them that teaches to them like generating an entrance, without giving the tools to them so that they know that to do with him once it is in his hands. It is time of which we as parents we include/understand that we are giving only 50% to them of the formula for the success if we ignored the financial education. If you need aid with the financial education his children I invite, it to nParElExito. com where it will receive a gratuitous virtual book that will teach 10 data to him that a breast taught to its children about how to have its own businesses. Of Bettina Langerfeldt, whose passion is to teach to people of all the ages like acquiring a vision for its life, as to put goals and later to persecute the specific education so that they can obtain them.