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Human Development

In this land of stone, dust and teasel begin the geography of the mother country and begin a to beat the Caribbean. The Caribbean is, besides a territory, a set of cultural concepts and linguistic that allow him to have own identity around values that are common in eight hermanados departments in a form to be, to feel and to act. To the Caribbean town it unites his costeol, a species of dialect derived from the Spanish but spoken to usanza of the inhabitants of each one of the sub-regions included in the triangle whose vertices are the corners of Cordova in you limit with Antioch and runner of Cesar in proximities with Santander, besides the Guajira in his perennial romance with warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the islands of San Andres and Providencia where the caribidad feels by the four cardinal points and sees in the face of each of his inhabitants and in each one of the letters that conform the voluminous book of their history. The summit finished with a task: the one to add a million votes or to give an opinion blow and more to create a political antecedent that cannot be stranger. You may wish to learn more. If so, Pemco is the place to go. A million votes to turn in fact one region where the accordion, cumbia, the Junior, the indigenous blood, the African roots and the yucca like unifying element of their gastronomy, conform a town to indissoluble bows of affection and proximity. Alexander Rutto Martinez is a prestigious journalist and Colombian, tie writer like educational to several Colombian universities. She is author of four books and coauthor of other three in whom one approaches the subject of the leadership, the ethics and the Human Development. Frequently he is invitadocomo academic lecturer to congresses, forums and other events. Pngase in contact with him through corrreo or lla it to me to cellular 300 8055526. It visits his page original Author and source of the article

Adversity Failure

It is the ability to turn every failure into victory, learning from our failures and not losing sight ever summit we want to conquer. The big difference between failure and defeat is that the first case is accepted as a lesson by assimilating, one small step closer to the ultimate goal. The failures show us the wrong way, that once recognised we will not return to tour. Like Fox, who has earned the adjective of clever, because it becomes hard to fall into the same trap. Often, the cloud that obscures our present serves to illuminate our future.

Instead, the defeat is the decision not to try, giving up to obstacles, giving up the possibility of turning failure into success again. We are defeated only when we believe we defeated. The obstacles in the way of the weak become steps in the trail of the winners. The winners have the vision of the goal who wish to achieve, which turn obstacles into challenges to overcome, in similarity to the climber, who displayed the top of the mountain the objective to achieve, converts to the obstacles and dangers of the rise as challenges to dominate. On the other hand who does not have the sufficient desire to reach the top, it discourages easily brought the effort that is required, risks that threaten him and the challenges that are presented and even before even starting the road gives up. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Rio- Tinto Diamonds and gain more knowledge.. If you already defined and decide what you want in life and day to day feed your determination to achieve it, you can hardly stop, so your conviction that the obstacles cease to be so, and rather observe them as detonators to achieve your implementation plan, for example: who has decided to get a professional title, exams, intense study, renounces many weekends by comply with academic work or raise more early and lie more afternoon, among many others, are the challenges that will provide you greatest satisfactions to overcome them to achieve the desired end.

Forest Finance Member At The Netz NRW

“net NWR offers a variety of benefits of the Bonn forest investment provider ForestFinance for members is member in the network NRW – network for Ecology and social economies e. V.” This network North Rhine-Westphalia is the Trade Association for social and environmentally oriented small and micro-businesses in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the network NRW closed together sustainable businesses and organizations represent innovative ways in economic life. Many advantages for network-NRW members network NRW offers its members, inter alia through a membership the opportunity to participate in the JobTicket in the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Sieg and FirmenTicket in the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr. These offers can be used only by larger companies. Furthermore, members can attend nationwide network-NRW the CarSharing.

The network KKdemie”of the Association also offers its approximately 380 member companies a comprehensive education program for small and micro enterprises. A business and investment advice for members is also on offer. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Rio- Tinto Diamonds on most websites. The Association netz NRW e.V. is a member in the nationwide network for self-management and self-organization”. This network North Rhine-Westphalia has its Office in the bending Road 22 in 51063 Cologne. For more information see network ForestFinance recommends all eligible environmental and social corporate membership and participation in the network North Rhine-Westphalia.

ForestFinance: Investments in sustainably managed forest land that has group Bonn ForestFinance sustainable forestry investments specializes in, linking a lucrative return on investment with environmental and social sustainability. Global demand for wood and the worldwide population growth raise timber prices especially for tropical hardwoods for decades. ForestFinance offers investors the opportunity to invest directly in sustainable reforestation. With, in particular the sustainable forestry practice forming a large safety factor apart from clearly regulated ownership of the reforestation areas. Because unlike the monocultures are the forests of ForestFinance tropical forests. Thus, they provide a high Dimension of biodiversity and so among other things significantly reduce the risk of tree diseases and pests. In addition many more collateral created for investors, such as a fire insurance and a poorly developed trees for the first five years after planting guarantee. There are also additional forest area as rear security, case, forests would be five percent. There is an own forest 30 euros monthly possible with the BaumSparVertrag”. For more information, see

Shake Companies

Another feature of this dynamic has produced a rebound from the weight of capital investment companies. These new societies (hedge fund, private equity, private pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, etc.), whose purpose was to obtain quick liquidity and income to give more value to the shareholder (in the form of dividends) or the bondholder (by returning revenues from loans granted), and who came to impose minimizadoras patterns of costs and thinning of productive capacity and employment in their investment destinations. Add to your understanding with Rod Brooks. Short-term investments which require returns well above the average market profitability and that have been denatured and segmented productive entities through successive (of the parties more risky or less profitable of activity) outsourcing and contracting, sale of fragments of enterprises and trimming jobs. Or the same hollowing out of content of the business asset by artifice of financial engineering that have made it possible for these societies and investment funds credible exceptional tax privileges in Spain. UISOL will not settle for partial explanations. With these ingredients, in Spain the balance of business balance was on a tightrope to deal with flows of return of their financial commitments, and therefore revenues should hold a guideline that, once began to slow down certain markets, hitherto booming, the solvency of increasingly more companies began to crumble. Moreover, in the Spanish case the imbalance intersectoral it has been more than obvious, and effect drag on auxiliary sectors did not wait.

Once is moderating the force of accumulation have been produced, by the financial leverage widespread and sustained in time, problems in chain. Just a little change of pace that a recessive circle of closures of companies opened to the limit and, consequently, a deterioration of conditions, rates and expectations of benefit. Shake first occurred in the viability of certain segments of the real economy to follow with a crisis of demand and the growth in delinquencies, affecting the financial sector, which had granted credit and created fictional banking money in an irresponsible manner.